Osvaldo Testimony

El futuro ofrece promesa y esperenza para los pacientes con OI

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Osvaldo Garcia, best known as Arthur, is evidence that patients with osteogenesis imperfecta can lead normal, healthy lives.

At the time he turned 15, Arturo had been broken 29 bones, and now, to 28 age, has already passed the toughest days with the disease, childhood and adolescence.

Have a steady job and tries to lead a normal life. Fortunately, has not had a fracture related to OI-for several years.

Arturo is one of the 12 in your family who have the genetic disease. His parents did not have the disease, but many of her aunts, uncles and cousins ​​do. His sister has no right OI, but it is probably a carrier and could pass it on to their children someday.

Today, Arthur uses a wheelchair, and his outlook on life is positive and inspiring. She became involved in volunteering after he met a Peace Corps volunteer who taught Arthur what is now the motto of life, is that “the mountain is not for the soldier, if the stone in his boot. "

"When I said that, I realized that we have many obstacles in life” Arturo said. “We have many problems, and hundreds of things happening to us, and the only thing that prevents us from doing something ourselves. If you think you can not do something, then you probably will not do so. "

That attitude did not always exist. Arthur's childhood was difficult, as it is for most children with OI.

“Básicamente, every time I fractured a bone, had to go to hospital”, Arturo said. "It was not like that at the time was thinking about what would happen, but then I realized if. The fractured bone, felt some frustration. When I plastered, I spent one month, one and a half with the cast, and thereafter, spent another month in rehab before I could start moving again. "

This was repeated after each fracture, He added a few additional years to the education of Arturo, but that did not stop learning. Arturo recently earned a degree in Biology and is currently working on his thesis. His willingness to lead a normal, full life is an enlightening example for all people with OI.

"I do not know if I am an example because I do not consider myself a,” Arturo said. “As everyone, I have a downside. I have bad habits, I have made mistakes, etc, but I do know is that I try to live a good life without regrets. "

At a glance, on leading a normal life. He hangs out with friends, going to the beach and bars. Arturo also sings and plays guitar. Even, has written several songs.

"I have to admit that many of the things I've done”, Arturo said, "I've done thanks to my family and friends. I can not say that all the merit is mine. He accomplished much of what I've done thanks to the people around me. "

Family and friends have had a major impact on the lives of Arthur, This shows that have a support system can mean the world in the fight against the Osteogenesis Imperfecta. With the support, will prevail and a positive attitude you can achieve a better quality of life.

"More than anything, I had to try to live”, Arturo said. "I do not see it as an oddity, it's just that I had to live and I wanted to grow old. And if God wants, I have something to tell my children and grandchildren, I did this or that. I'll have good stories to tell. '

And Arthur knows that these stories only they can tell their children and grandchildren, all children without glass.

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