Testimony of Kenneth

Or 172 Fractures can break the spirit of a Crystal Child.

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Kenneth is suffering the worst kind of Osteogenesis Imperfecta there. In their limited 10 age, he has suffered much, including 172 fractures, and even in the happiest moments, can not escape from their disease.

When the Crystal Children Foundation, a group dedicated to helping children with OI, Kenneth scheduled an interview for a TV channel in Panama City, he was super happy. Kenneth and his mother - Itzel Machiores Aeneid - they had the chance to tell their story. Upon hearing this news, Kenneth disease attacked.

Kenneth Archibald Machiores was so happy I'd be on TV, he broke his back and hips. Type II OI is so severe that any sudden movement - in this case, enthusiasm - can cause a disaster.

"It was a very sad story,"He says Dayana Castillo, president of the Crystal Children Foundation. "That fracture prevented the last two months Kenneth completed school last year."

This story is only the latest of all the sad stories of Kenneth. Despite his flashy smile and outgoing personality, Kenneth is still in the dark scars on his childhood.

When being diagnosed each year are born OI, Kenneth's father abandoned the family. Kenneth has lived most of his life in abject poverty and still. Trapped in a wheelchair, has faced terrible living conditions, where the prevailing lack of food and money, getting treatment in the backseat.

"Kenneth has a horrible socio-economic,"Says Dayana. "It's pretty sad and knew we had to do something for Kenneth. One of the most difficult cases with which we have worked. The extreme poverty in which he lived before was terrible. "

With sewage and rats running in the family apartment, Dayana Aeneid and knew that Kenneth needed a better life to have any chance of surviving with OI.

Through a government housing program, the Machiores could move in this situation who were, that for more than the ideal, is a breakthrough. Since at this point has not found work Aeneid and caring Kenneth is a full-time job, keep the house where they are going to be a problem.

"Neither I nor my husband have jobs," said Eneida. "Kenneth has no health insurance. I stepped away from the father of Kenneth, I remarried and. My husband does everything for Kenneth. To bring some money for the family, sometimes going to cut grass in the neighborhood. "
With no health insurance, and the fragile state that is found in Kenneth, medical bills are high enough.

"When Kenneth has to go to Panama, my husband tries to have all the money we need for the consultation list,"Aeneid account. "We have to pay for x-rays and all. Sometimes we do not have the money for x-rays, I can not forward them because I do not give a payment option. "

But her new husband and the foundation, Eneida that would not know where his family.

"My husband is the best. Would do anything for each of us,"Said Eneida. "And you both Kenneth. When video games are harmful, looks like the fix or does to help. When it comes to daily living and bring the house, he goes and fights for every one of us has what they need.

The foundation has helped us with all its activities, by Pampers, food, and a thousand and one other things. We are helping to get treatment. We really need and appreciate all the support he has given us the foundation. "

Doctors have been really sympathetic to the plight of Kenneth and have done everything possible to give a better life, without pamidronate - Kenneth medicine needs and has not been approved in Panama - the fractures will not diminish. The medicine helps the body produce more collagen, a protein that strengthens the bones and the body steals Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

"What we need now is the medicine that the fracture is not well,"Said Eneida. "Before breaks once a month, but now this constant fracturing more, and when I have no money, there is no way to pay their medical appointments. It is a problem. Every time this happens, I have to call and reschedule, I do not like to lose the quotes because the only one who gets Kenneth - just look at his fingers and legs. "

A Kenneth what keeps happy are his brothers and the passion he has for football.

"Barcelona is the FIFA,"Kenneth says with a smile on your face. "My favorite player is Leo Messi. He knows how to play, pass the ball; is super good and plays like me. "

Kenneth and his mother still live in fear that they will break a bone the only travel by bus or it is excited. Kenneth will continue to suffer until the pamidronate in Panama.

"He may not have much,"Dayana account. "But now, is much better. Before this I had no house where he lives. "

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